S.M.A.R.T. Perfect match word that describes us.

Video Streaming

Real time Caching

Flex Distribution


Media Streaming

Media on demand, transcode, and packaging service delivering streaming media faster and smarter from the location closest to your viewers desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Live Stream Delivery
Media on Demand
Packaging for specified on iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone etc.

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Real Time Caching

Your users need to see changes reflected immediately. As fast as your users can generate content, we can cache it.

Configure changes in seconds
Cache all HTTP object types
Deliver dynamic content
Make unlimited HTTP purges

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Flex Distribution

Instantly deliver your video stories
Experience clean, crisp, fast distribute your rich digital media over all the major formats.
Smarty your audience
Grow your audience and increase your revenue with your users when ever they are every where.
Run time reliable and stable video performance
No more waiting, lagging or disruptions. Get the highest possible quality stream for all of your fans and audiences.

Private CDN

We have Private CDN services based to set of cache servers located in your POPs.

ideal POP locations
Storage Capacity
Origin Shield Location
Caches per POP

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